Unitarian Resources

Below is a collection of resources I hope will be helpful to those searching for truth on the important matters of Who God is, who Jesus is, and on the history of Christian beliefs on these topics. Represented below are a variety different opinions, some representative my own, and others not. The inclusion of resources here does not indicate my full agreement with all they say, but simply means that (at the very least) I think they represent something valuable to the study of the history of these topics. All should all be read with discernment.

Many ancient Christian authors recorded a saying of Jesus not found in any of the canonical scriptures, “Be ye skillful money-changers.” That is to say (according to the ancient interpretation of the words) that we must carefully test all things whatsoever, not accepting all that we hear, but carefully testing to tell the difference between those teachings that represent the true “faith handed down once for all” and those that are false and counterfeit.

Ancient Creeds:

Ancient Baptismal Creed of Jerusalem

Ancient Baptismal Creed of Caesarea

Ancient Baptismal Creed of Rome

Creed of Nicea of 325

Creed of Serdica of 343

The Macrostich

Creed of Sirmium of 351

Creed of Sirmium 357

Creed of Ariminum 359

Creed of Sirmium 359

Homoian Creed

Creed of Ulfilas


Ancient Writings:

Testimonies of Ancient Catholic Writers in Favor of Unitarianism

Hippolytus of Rome on the Earliest Modalists

Church Fathers On the Son Being a Creature

Church Fathers On the Father Being Before the Son

Letter of the Bishop Auxentius on Ulfilas

Homoian Sermon (the “Arian Sermon” written against by Augustine)

Debate Between Maximinus, A Homoian, And Augustine

Highlights from Maximinus’s Debate With Augustine

Maximinus’s Final Discourse (From His Debate With Augustine)


Reformation & Enlightenment Era Statements of Faith:

John Biddle’s Confession of Faith

Samuel Clarke’s 55 Theses

George Williams’ Statement of Faith


Reformation & Enlightenment Era Writings:

Anglican Bishop George Bull on the Subordination of the Son to the Father as His Cause

Historic Anglican Testimonies to the Father in Particular Being the One God

The Introduction to Samuel Clarke’s Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity

Samuel Clarke’s 55 Theses, Part 1: Theses 1-15

Samuel Clarke on Why the Son and Spirit being Divine Does Not Necessarily Entail Tritheism

Highlights from Sir Isaac Newton Concerning the Trinity

John Biddle’s 12 Arguments Showing That the Holy Spirit is Not the One God


20th & 21st Century Writings:

Reformed Baptist Sam Waldron in Favor of ‘the Monarchy of the Father’/Unitarianism

Modern Eastern Orthodox Theologians on the One God being the Person of the Father

John Behr on Basil of Caesarea’s Theology


Posts by Andrew Davis:

The Development of the Doctrine of the Trinity

Overview of John Biddle